Stansted Tennis Club

Essex Small Clubs League Summer 2023.

Interested in how the club is doing against other tennis clubs in Essex?

We have several teams competing in different divisions through the summer months; men’s, women’s and mixed doubles.

Here are the latest results and standings of matches played so far.

These will be updated regularly during the season, so please come back and see how our teams are doing.

The tables will appear beneath the scores once available.

Mixed Doubles
Division 2
15th May 2023PlesheyH10-6W
5th June 2023ThaxtedH11-5W
7th July 2023ThaxtedA4-8W
23rd August 2023StebbingA3-13W
12th September 2023StebbingH8-8D
23rd September 2023HarlowH8-8D
14th October 2023HarlowA8-8D
Ladies Doubles
Division 1
20th May 2023StebbingA0-16W
14th June 2023ClaveringA12-4L
20th June 2023HenhamH10-6W
29th June 2023HenhamA8-8D
9th August 2023DunmowA12-4L
15th August 2023DunmowH4-12L
22nd August 2023ClaveringH10-6W
29th August 2023StebbingH9-7W
Division 2
10th May 2023DunmowA9-7L
17th July 2023SawbridgeworthH4-12L
1st August 2023SawbridgeworthA12-4L
20th August 2023BraughingA6-10W
21st August 2023PlesheyH8-8D
2nd September 2023BraughingH5-11L
14th September 2023PlesheyA11-5L
19th September 2023DunmowH8-8D
Division 3
8th June 2023 Much HadhamA8-8D
27th June 2023Standon and PuckeridgeH13-3W
2nd July 2023Standon and Puckeridge A16-0L
23rd July 2023GroveH5-11L
25th July 2023Much HadhamH8-8D
6th August 2023NewportA8-8D
19th August 2023NewportH6-10L
15th October 2023GroveA16-0L
Mens Doubles
Division 3
25th May 2023DunmowA15-1L
30th May 2023DunmowH11-5W
18th June 2023BraughingH12-4W
2nd July 2023HarlowH15-1W
10th July 2023BraughingA10-6W
18th July 2023Bishop’s StortfordH11-5W
12th August 2023Bishop’s StortfordA11-5L
19th August 2023HarlowA8-8D

Final Published Tables as of 3rd October 2023
(Some results aren’t reflected in the final tables as they weren’t entered in time by the home captains)