Stansted Tennis Club

May 2017 enewsletter

Don’t forget to have a go at the tennis quiz at the end of the newsletter!

For anyone who still wishes to renew their STC membership, full rates now apply. Please let us know if you will NOT be renewing your membership this year – don’t forget to return your keys for a refund.

Next Committee Meeting:
This will be held at Fiona’s house on Friday 16th June at 7pm. If you have anything you would like to relay to the committee prior to the meeting, please either contact a committee member directly or use the suggestion box in the clubhouse. We are still very keen to recruit any members who would like to support us by becoming a “Friend of the Committee”. Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer.

Adult Social Tournament:
12 players are down to compete for this tournament this Wednesday, 24th May, starting at 9am. Hope it goes well!

President’s Cup:
This is due to take place next Saturday, 27th May, starting at 2.30pm. We are currently just one man short, so if you can help us out and play, that would be great. Please email me directly, as soon as possible. It’s a £10 entry fee, which includes a fish “n” Chip supper.

Club Tournament:
With less than two weeks to go to enter the Club Tournament, please sign up as soon as possible if you would like to play. There is currently only one entry for the Ladies’ Singles – so come on all you Ladies’ Singles ladder players, please give the Club Tournament a go. All events need a minimum of 4 players for the event to go ahead. Please try to encourage each other to enter.

Stansted in Bloom:
The garden area is now beginning to take shape. Please can members take responsibility for watering the garden area and hanging baskets if they notice it has dried out. It would be a real shame if the plants were to die! Thank you.

There have been a lot of ladder matches played recently. There have also been discussions about various rules. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there any issues. Don’t forget, if you would like to join any of the ladders, it’s not too late! Please email me and I shall compile a list of newcomers, who will then be added at the beginning of the following month.

Wimbledon Ballot:
Congratulations to the 16 winners in our Wimbledon ballot. All tickets have been bought online, so not a good year for the reserves!

Ladies’ Night:
The next Ladies’ Night will be on Monday 12th June starting at 7pm. All ladies welcome!

Chris is compiling a list of any Year 2 or Year 3 children who are keen to start coaching in a group. If your name is not already on the waiting list, please get in touch.

Essex Small Clubs League Results:

Ladies’ 3
Stansted 9 Henham 7
Stansted 2 Thaxted 14

Mixed 2
Henham 15 Stansted 1

Thanks to all of you who responded to last month’s e-newsletter quiz. Congratulations to Iain Mott who won a bottle of bubbly.
Please have a go at answering the four questions below and emailing your answers to me within the next 48 hours. There will be a prize for the member with the most correct answers. If there is a tie, names will be drawn from a hat. You can use any technological device to help with the answers.

1. In a singles match, is the server allowed to serve standing behind the part of the baseline between the singles sideline and the doubles sideline?

2. Who was Monica Seles playing in the 1993 Citizen’s Cup Tournament in Hamburg, when she was stabbed in the back by a spectator?

3. Compete this sequence:
189 minutes, 236 minutes, 176 minutes,……………………………………

4. When will this year’s President’s Cup take place?

Good luck and best wishes,