Stansted Tennis Club

Essex Small Clubs Winter League 2023/24

Stansted Tennis Club has entered five teams in the winter league: one mixed doubles, one men’s, and three ladies.

Here are the fixture lists for each team. The scores will be input as soon as the matches have been played. The tables will appear beneath the results as soon as available.

If you would like to volunteer to play in any of the games then contact the team captains. They are a fun way to meet new players and improve your game. Although a bit competitive, they are very friendly. Why not give it a go?

Mixed Doubles
Saturday 25th November at 10.00amStebbingA5-11W
Sunday 14th January at 1.00pmHarlowH
Saturday 3rd February at 1.00pmStebbingH
Saturday 25th February at 1.00pmHarlowA
Tuesday 5th March at 7.00pmBraughingH
Saturday 23rd March at 1.00pmBraughingA
29 November 2023
Ladies 1
Thursday 23rd November at 7.30pmDunmowA8-8D
Sunday 7th January at 1.00pmClaveringH
Saturday 17th February at 1.00pmHenhamH
Saturday 24th February at 11.00amClaveringA
Saturday 9th March at 1.00pmHenhamA
Ladies 2
Monday 13th November at 7.40pmStebbingA8-8D
Sunday 26th November at 1.00pmDunmowH13-3W
Tuesday 9th January at 6.30pmStebbingH
Sunday 28th January at 1.00pmDunmowA
Tuesday 13th February at 6.30pmPlesheyH
Thursday 22nd February at 10.00amPleshyA
Ladies 3
TBAStandon & PuckeridgeH
TBAStandon & PuckeridgeA
29 November 2023
Sunday 26th November at 10.00amBraintreeA12-4L
Tuesday 5th December at 7.00pmRoydonH
Saturday 13th January at 11.15amRoydonA
Sunday 28th January at 12.00pmStandon & PuckeridgeA
Tuesday 6th February at 7.00pmBraintreeH
Tuesday 12th March at 7.00pmHenhamH
Saturday 24th February at 1.00pmHenhamA
Saturday 2nd March at 12.00pmStandon & PuckeridgeH
Saturday 9th March at 12.00pmHarlowH
Sunday 7th April at 10.00amHarlowA
29 November 2023