Stansted Tennis Club

Club Defibrillator

If you have walked past the Tennis Club recently, you may have noticed an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) fixed on the outside of the Clubhouse. Whilst this is the property of Stansted Tennis Club, it has been installed in a secure code accessed cabinet, so that members of the public may also have access. The code is C159X, don’t worry about remembering the code as this will be written on the side of the First Aid box in the Clubhouse.

Clearly, if a suspected Cardiac Arrest has occurred, you MUST call the Ambulance Service on 999. Members of the public will have to advise the Ambulance Service of the location of Defibrillator to be given the cabinet code to gain access. Alternatively, if you are asked whilst at the club by a member of the public, please provide the code and any help you feel able to offer.

The AED is registered with the Emergency Service, they know the location from the ‘What 3 Word’ code written on the cabinet. This is ‘Existence, Crashing, Adhesive’.

In combination, these are expensive items to install, retailing at close to £2000. However, through an LTA offer, we purchased both items for £450, with half this cost being funded by Councillor Geoffrey Sell through his UDC budget, for which we thank him.

Let’s hope we never need to use the AED, however, I thought it would be helpful to share two very informative YouTube videos.

The first video explains how to use the AED, the second gives more detail on the process of CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation) and using the AED. Each video is about 7 minutes long.

We strongly encourage you to take the time to watch them both. Knowing how to use the AED and give CPR could well save a life!