Stansted Tennis Club

August 2017 enewsletter

Don’t forget to have a go at the tennis quiz at the end of this newsletter. There will be a prize for the winning entry!

Maintenance Session:
A very big thank you to the record number of volunteers who turned out today for what was a fantastic working party. I hope all members will notice how fantastic the courts and gardens look after today’s session when they next go up to play. I would like to thank all helpers today ; Paul Balas,Diane Brown, Jon Budd,Lorraine Cowie, Jan Hollis, Ash Huggonson, Lisa King, Debbie and Garth Lane, Rick Lim, Adrian and Dax Olver, Fiona Pye and Felicity Shakespeare. I hope I have not left out anybody! With so many hands on deck it took under two hours to remove pigeon poo from the courts, sweep up leaves, weed edges, tend the garden area, remove ivy and weeds from the front fence, erect the second STC windbreak, prune and trim hedges. Many hands do indeed make light work!

Finals’ Day will be held at Henham Tennis Club on Saturday 23rd September. Stansted still has players left in the competition. Please try to support on the day if you are free. A donation box for our STC raffle prize can be found in the clubhouse. All donations greatly appreciated!

Adult Social Doubles Tournament:
14 players took part in this tournament. After the round-robin and knockout stages, the winners were Lisa King and Fiona Pye, who defeated Tudor Owen and Val Ashwood 6-1 in the final.The consolation draw was won by Adrian Olver and Sue Simpson. A bring and share lunch was enjoyed by the players after the tournament.

Next Committee Meeting:
This will be held at Debbie’s house on Friday 6th October at 7pm. If you have anything you would like to relay to the committee prior to the meeting, please either contact a committee member directly or use the suggestion box in the clubhouse. We are still very keen to recruit any members who would like to support us by becoming a “Friend of the Committee”. Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer.

Club Tournament:
Only three matches need to be played until we shall know all the finalists for this year’s club tournament. Well done to all participants for arranging and playing matches so quickly. A reminder that Finals’ Day will be held on Sunday 10th September. All club members are warmly invited to attend on the day.

The final date for all ladder matches to be played is Friday 20th October. This means that the deadline for arranging all doubles ladder matches is Friday 22nd September. The deadline for arranging all singles ladder matches is Friday 29th September.

Ladies’ Night:
The next Ladies’ Night will be on Monday 11th September starting at 7pm. All ladies welcome!

Please note that only STC members are entitled to play at the club. If, as a member, you bring a non-member to play, you need to pay a visitor’s fee on each visit. Brown envelopes can be found in the clubhouse as well as in the outside noticeboard. A visitor is entitled to play as a visitor three times, after which he/she needs to join the Club.

Wilby Tournament:
Unfortunately, this tournament, which had been scheduled for today had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers. A rearranged date has been set for Sunday 15th October starting at 1pm. Please make a note of this date in your diary and hopefully we can get enough players for it to go ahead!

Gavin the Hawk:
Gavin the hawk is back in working order. Please could all members ensure that, on arrival, he is carefully taken down and placed at the side of the court. After play, it is the responsibility of the last to leave the courts to ensure that he is placed back in the flying position.

Essex Small Clubs One Day Tournament:
Good luck to our STC team who are playing at Bishop’s Stortford next Sunday. Hope you have an enjoyable and successful day!
Essex Small Clubs League:


Mixed Premier:
Standon & P. 10 Stansted 6
Stansted 14 Dunmow 2

Ladies’ Premier:
Dunmow (2) 4 Stansted 12

Ladies’ 2:
Harlow 12 Stansted 4
Elsenham 6 Stansted 10
Stanton & P. 1 Stansted 15
Stansted 2 Harlow 14

Ladies’ 3:
Thaxted 8 Stansted 8

Mixed 3:
Roydon 10 Stansted 6
Henham 10 Stansted 6


Thanks to all of you who responded to last month’s e-newsletter quiz. Congratulations to Debbie Lane who chose two fruit cakes as her prize. Can she make it three wins in a row?
Please have a go at answering the four questions below and emailing your answers to me within the next 48 hours. There will be a prize for the member with the most correct answers. If there is a tie, names will be drawn from a hat. You can use any technological device to help with the answers.

1. Who will become the new Men’s World Number One when the new rankings are published tomorrow?

2. A player throws the racket at the ball in play. Both the racket and the ball land in the court on the opponent’s side of the net and the opponent(s) is unable to reach the ball. Which player wins the point?

3. Complete this sequence:
Miss C.M. Evert (USA) 6-0 6-4, Mrs L.W.King (USA) 6-0 6-1, Miss C.M.Evert (USA) 6-3 4-6 8-6,……………………..

4. What is the date for completion of all ladder matches?

Good luck and best wishes,