Stansted Tennis Club

About Us & Policies

The Club Committee

Garth Lane (President)
Jamie Hogg (Chairman)
Diane Brown (Treasurer)
Catherine Hodgen (Secretary)
Caroline Mott (Membership Secretary)
Gail Hogg ( Fixtures Secretary)
Martyn Taplin (General member and coach)
Dina McDonald, (General member and GDPR)
Catherine Gibby (Welfare Officer)
Fiona O’Brien (General member)
Lyn Timms (General member)

Co-opted Committee Members

Debbie Lane
Cathy Brenner

Debbie Lane (Publicity Officer)

Team Captains ESC League Summer Season 2022

Ladies Division 1: Daphne Lunnon
Ladies Division 3 Red: Debbie Lane/Gail Hogg
Ladies Division 3 Blue: Dina McDonald
Men’s Division 2: Jon Budd
Mixed Division 3: Gerred Gilronan

Club Policies, Rules and Procedures

The Club operates according to certain policies as required by current legislation, and to comply with the professional standards set down by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). These policies and supporting documents can be accessed by clicking on the following links.

Policy Documents

GDPR Statement
STC Policy Statement
Safeguarding Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Welfare Officer Poster
Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Club Rules and Procedures

The Club also has rules and procedures regarding certain practicalities and expected standards of behaviour. Details can be found in the following two documents.

Stansted Tennis Club Practical Guide for Members
Stansted Tennis Club Rules and Etiquette