Stansted Tennis Club


Information for Members 2019/2020

Membership Form

Please click here to download the 2019 membership form (PDF).


Items are listed alphabetically


STC has a number of one-day trophy tournaments which are usually held between April and October. Other tournaments include club ladders, and various social tournaments, as well as the annual knockout tournament culminating in Club Finals Day (early September). Details of individual tournaments will be sent out by email and posted on the website and the Clubhouse noticeboard, along with contact details for the organiser of each competition.


Coaching is available for adult and junior members. See Court Access below for coaching timetable and Appendix for contact details. Precedence is given to Club members, but where space permits, non-members may join in the coaching sessions. Once a player has attended three adult coaching sessions, they will be required to become a paid up member of the Club. In the case of junior coaching sessions which are run as blocks, non-members are welcome to attend for the whole block and will pay a slightly higher fee than members.


The STC Constitution can be found on the STC website and on the Clubhouse noticeboard.


Playing times

The courts are available to members most of the time, apart from during the regular, weekly sessions listed in the table below. In addition to the weekly timetable, courts are also booked on an ad hoc basis for adult inter-club matches and STC tournaments. STC tournaments take precedence over Club Sessions and detail of these can be found both in the online diary via ClubSpark and on the Clubhouse noticeboard. Adult inter-club matches and official coaching sessions are also shown in the online diary so please check court availability before coming to the Club.


MONDAY Cardio Tennis (OT) 9.30-10.30am
Adult Coaching (MT) 7.30-9.00pm (except 2nd Mon of each month)
Ladies’ Night 7.00pm onwards (2nd Mon of each month)
WEDNESDAY Adult Club Session 9.30am-12noon
Junior Coaching (age 5-8) (OT) 4.30pm 4.50pm (term time)
Junior Coaching (age 9-11) (OT) 4.50pm – 5.40pm (term time)
Adult Club Session 7.00pm onwards
THURSDAY Junior Coaching (age 12+) (OT) 6pm – 7pm (term time)
FRIDAY Adult Club Session 9.30am-12 noon
Bentfield School (Coaching) 3.30-4.30pm (March to Oct – Term time only)
Junior Night 4.30-6.00pm (March to October)
SATURDAY One-to-one Coaching (MT) 8.00-10.00am and 2-5pm (1 court)
SUNDAY Adult Club Session 10.00am-1.00pm
Key to coaches: MT=Martyn Taplin; OT=Ollie Toms
IMPORTANT – Coaching times may vary from month to month. Please check ClubSpark


Busy courts

When courts are open for general play and members are waiting for a court to become vacant, the members using the court will play for 20 minutes and then make way for the waiting members. At the Club Sessions listed above, members will not be allowed to pre-arrange sets. Games will be played on a rota basis, using the peg board, which will ensure that players play in turn and mix up with everybody present. For full instructions on how the peg board works, please see the notice in the Clubhouse.

Booking courts

Only adult inter-club matches, STC tournament matches and official coaching sessions may be pre-booked in the diary; no social games may be booked. When making a booking, details of the type of match must be recorded, together with the initials of all players on the diary page. Contact email address must be included. Use the “Advanced Options” tab on the “Make a Booking” screen to include this information. The originator is responsible for cancelling or amending their reservation – the original booking must be cancelled before making a new one. No member is permitted to cancel or amend a reservation made by another member.


STC enters teams at various levels in the ladies’, men’s and mixed competitions run by the Essex Small Clubs League (ESCL). Leagues are operated for the summer and winter seasons. Should you be interested in playing in one or more of the STC teams, please see Appendix for contact details.


The First Aid box is on the wall just inside the Clubhouse door on the left. Please ensure that all accidents are recorded in the Accident Book which is kept on top of the First Aid box.


These are operated by inserting tokens into meters in the Clubhouse changing room. See Contacts page for where to purchase tokens and the current price. Each token lasts for 30 minutes therefore, when floodlights are used, the 20 minute rule for busy courts (see above) changes to 30 minutes. An on-court warning system gives you five minutes to insert a further token. Please only do this if there are no others waiting. Do not insert more than one token at a time. Floodlights are available until 10.00pm Monday-Saturday (no tokens after 9.30pm), and until 9.00pm on Sundays (no tokens after 8.30pm). Important: Please do not re-illuminate the floodlights immediately after they have gone out. This damages the bulbs and they are very expensive to replace. Take note of the red on-court warning system and put tokens in the box before the lights go out. Otherwise you need to wait at least 15 minutes before re-illuminating.


The Club has a Privacy policy detailing the nature of personal information collected by the Club and the purposes for which it is used. The policy is sent to all members on an annual basis in May, and the current version is displayed on the STC website and the Clubhouse noticeboard. See Appendix for contact details.


STC participates in this annual competition which is an inter-club knock out tournament dating back to the 1940s. All proceeds from the Hospital Cup Tournament go to The League of Friends of Saffron Walden Community Hospital. There are men’s and ladies’ singles, men’s and ladies’ doubles and mixed events, with a finals day held on the second Saturday in September each year. See Appendix for contact details.


We have two junior categories Junior A (16-21) and Junior B (15 years and under). Young juniors (ie primary school age) should not be left at the Club for general play without an adult. The adult does not need to be a member of the Club to be present in a supervisory capacity. Older Junior members (ie 11-18 years) playing without a supervising adult are not allowed in the Clubhouse without an adult member (see Keys below).


All new members will be given a padlock key to the courts. Adult members and Junior members aged 18-21 will also be given a key to the Clubhouse. Junior members under the age of 18 are not allowed a key to the Clubhouse and must not enter the Clubhouse unless an adult member is present.
The last member to leave the courts is responsible for turning off lights, securely closing the Clubhouse door and padlocking the court gate. Please make sure this happens, as the premises are at risk if not kept locked when not in use.
Replacement keys may be obtained from the Membership Secretary. See contact page for details and current price.
The car park gates are secured with a combination lock, the code for which is displayed on the Clubhouse noticeboard. The last person to leave the car park in the evening should lock the gates.


Members should check for lost property regularly. The Committee reserves the right to dispose of unclaimed items two weeks after notifying members by email of this intention.


The Committee arrange for large-scale maintenance (eg deep-cleaning of courts, hedge-trimming, floodlight inspections etc), however all members of the Club can help to keep the premises tidy and in good order by spending a few minutes each time they play. This might include sweeping leaves from the courts when necessary, and washing up in the Clubhouse. Brooms for leaf sweeping are in the large cupboard opposite the door to the Clubhouse. The key for this cupboard is in the changing room behind the wooden flap covering the electricity meter.
Circuit breaker: Should you wish to use the leaf blower, this must be plugged into a circuit-breaker socket just inside the Clubhouse door on the left. The jet washer must also be used with a circuit breaker.
Working parties are organised on a regular basis when a more concerted effort is required eg jet washing the courts, gardening, small DIY projects. There is also a rota for cleaning the Clubhouse. Please look out for emails and consider volunteering if at all possible.


A list of current Committee Members is here. Committee meetings are held regularly throughout the year, approximately every six weeks. If you would like to raise a query for the Committee, please contact any Committee member, or complete a slip and place in the Suggestion Box in the Clubhouse.


We use a kite (“Gavin”) to deter pigeons from the courts as their droppings can damage the court surface. If you are first to arrive at the courts, it is your responsibility to take down the kite and place it at the court edge. The last member to leave is responsible for putting it back in position. Do not play whilst the kite is in position.


Club news and details of events will be sent by email as well as appearing on the Clubhouse noticeboard, in Club e-newsletters, on the Club website ( and in the Stansted ‘Link’ magazine.
Club noticeboards: The noticeboard in the Clubhouse is for STC-related items, such as tournaments, coaching, matches, etc. A small portion of the noticeboard
is available as a community forum where members can advertise private/personal enterprises. Please ask permission from the Committee before putting up an advert. The external noticeboards are for STC-related matters only.


Racket restringing is offered at very reasonable rates from Martyn Taplin.


ALL PLAYERS USE THE COURTS AT THEIR OWN RISK. Please take special care if the courts are wet or icy.  Stansted Tennis Club cannot take responsibility for any personal belongings brought to the Club premises. Items left in the Clubhouse are left entirely at the owner’s risk (see Lost Property above).


The Club has certain standards and values which are core to its ethos. Members are expected to conform to the standards set out in the STC “Rules and Etiquette” document, which is fully supported by the STC Committee. This document is sent to new members on joining the Club and the current version is displayed on the STC website and the Clubhouse noticeboard.


The Club provides tennis balls for adult Club Sessions only. For all other occasions, members must provide their own balls. Members are advised to name their own tennis balls clearly.
Used tennis balls are available to purchase. See contacts page for details and current price.
Tennis balls which are knocked into the garden of Potts Cottage to the south of the Club must not be collected, but will be returned when possible.


There is an honesty box for visitor’s fees just inside the Clubhouse door on the left and a log for recording visitor’s details kept just above the box. Fees are £2 for adults and £1 for juniors. Each visitor is allowed to play on three occasions, but must then join as a member. Please respect this rule by recording and paying for visitors each time.


The water used in the Clubhouse is metered and the meter is at floor level in the far right corner of the Clubhouse. The blue lever controlling the water is to the right of the meter. Both the meter and the lever are enclosed in labelled boxing.
Winter Measures: To prevent freezing pipes during the winter months (November-April inclusive, unless otherwise notified), the water must be turned off by the last person to leave the Clubhouse according to the following procedures:
Turn off water at the meter using the blue lever. The off position is when the lever is at right angles to the pipe on the floor.
Fully open both taps at the kitchen sink.
It is not necessary to leave on toilet basin taps or flush the toilet, as the cloakroom has a heater providing frost protection which should be left on at all times.


You’re looking at it…


The Club’s policies on Safeguarding, Diversity and Inclusion are displayed on the STC website and the Clubhouse noticeboard. The Club also has a Welfare Officer (see contact page for details). Any welfare concerns should be raised directly with the appropriate authority however the Welfare Officer is available to listen to any issues and talk through the procedures for reporting concerns, providing information and guidance as necessary, eg with regards to the requirement for documentation